Searching for options for a free game is daily bread for every player - professional and beginner. The no deposit bonus makes it much easier to explore the casino and the slot machines available there. Thanks to it, you can find out whether it is worth staying on a given site for longer and making a real cash deposit. For owners of online gambling sites, this is a great form of advertising and one of the best methods to attract new players. That is why most of them shift marketing budgets in this direction, wanting to outperform the competition. The online casino market itself is very cramped, it is not easy to break through it to new players. Therefore, no deposit bonuses are a very important link in the entire promotion process. It is also a certain safeguard for the player himself, who can easily and without fear of losing their own cash, take advantage of the offer of Polish or foreign casinos for free.



Known from Polish and above all foreign casinos no deposit bonus is a form of promotion available when creating a virtual player account. In very simple words, it is a starter allowance offered by a gambling place, without requiring the player to make any cash deposit and provide the payment card number. The only condition is to log in to the appropriate page.
Many early players are wondering if this form of promotion is completely legal. The purity of casino owners' intentions is also a bothering question. Most distrustful look for this type of "crow" promotions. Well, every bonus has its own rules, so you always have to read the rules, but the good news is that it is actually granted for free. You don't have to worry about any consequences, such a casino promotion system has been working for years and is designed to effectively attract new players.
It is worth remembering that every casino with a start bonus without a deposit offers it on a different basis. In some cases, it is granted "from the machine" when registering on the site. Some operators add a bit of fun to the whole in the form of ... a draw. Yes, when you register, you can meet the first vending machine (usually in the form of a wheel of fortune), giving you a discount that you can get on the wheel. The third option are special codes that can be easily found on pages devoted to the topic of games on virtual machines. It is worth looking for information on them, because you can usually find great offers on the no deposit bonus.


In addition to learning how to get free casino games, you have to remember that there are different types of bonuses. Very interesting is the rarely offered "cashback", which is a full refund of any losses, of course up to the appropriate amount. Unfortunately, this is not a no deposit bonus, to receive it you must deposit the appropriate amount into the casino account.
However, one cannot complain about the lack of ingenuity of operators of places with gambling. Every year a new gratification system for novice users is added to the offer. In addition, regulars are not injured. Every week new lotteries are available for them, in which, apart from topping up the account, you can win valuable material prizes (laptops, smartphones, gadgets) and trips. Participation in these promotions is also free and requires only logging in to the site and confirming the willingness to join the lottery. As an active user, it is also worth observing all the special actions that appear in the "promotions", "bonuses" etc. tabs created for this purpose.
The classic registration bonus - no deposit, i.e. having to make a deposit to the casino - is primarily a package of free spins, i.e. draws on the machine. It is also possible to play for free for a limited time, and to top up the account in cash. Of course, it cannot be withdrawn immediately, but it is a great way to learn more about the structure of the casino and selected machines. In the rest of this guide, we will try to introduce each of these types and discuss them in detail.


Another form of rewarding new customers is the free game offer. The no deposit bonus is different from playing for free without registering because it requires you to set up an account to play with. Almost every casino also gives you the option of playing without the gambling element, i.e. virtual cash. However, the "free play bonus" is also a chance to win a fairly real win, so it's definitely worth devoting a moment to such an offer.
In exchange for setting up an account, an online casino with a no deposit bonus deposits a specific chip pool on the player's account. It is the equivalent of a currency known from ground points, so often exhibited in various Hollywood film productions. These tokens can usually be used on all machines, unless the regulations of the promotion state otherwise.
Detailed data on possible restrictions are usually listed among general information, so you do not have to go into complicated legal documents.